You’re scared. You’re super scared. you know exactly what happens overtime of the year at this month. No fu*king idea what to do. You’re scared that you don’t know what to do what you want to when you graduate. Its ok and if you’re in your 20’s, you shouldn’t be stressed about it. you are entering the greatest 5 year window of your life.

This is your moment… This next 5 years window is not the time of the year you want to get practical and safe. Not the time to maximize as much money to buy a fat whip. this isn’t the time to get the job your parents want. this is for you to attack the life you want to win. this is the time to realize you need to attack the LIFE you want to win. CLASS is easy, what you been doing for the last 16 years, is easy. The world is hard. However, this contradicts and this is the best and easier year of your life. you don’t have all the baggage. you may have college loans and expectations from your parents but this is the time you can exactly live with your roommates and eat fast food.

This is not the time of your marriage or when you have kids or when the world has sucked out all your dreams yet and eats all your life. Yet, so many are so hungry for short term games. Like maximizing the money you can make right now. Like what do you need the money for? A new iPhone? For what? You get to live life once. You want so much but what do you want. this is the time right now for you to understand what is happening. This is the time you can map your behavior, for something that will impact you for the next 80 years. The land grab of happiness starts right now. you shouldn’t worry about getting that right job but you need to go and learn.

This is the time to travel and learn, to massively risk. Go open up that business that you always wanted. Hook up with your teammates and start that band. The world isn’t what mommy told you, the world is exactly what is going to be, what you thought it would be: the world is going to be different everyday. That college loan is going to be there whether you want to build something you want or not. you can even work at night to make your life what you want to happen. this is when you are going to grind at the highest level. you can’t just wait up tomorrow and let it go. you have a million things that can grab you to the ground.


The Unknown

You have no idea what to do. You’re terrified.

It’s like clockwork. What we do know is what happens at this time every year. What we don’t know is what to do about it.

It’s ok. You’re entering the best time of your life. You’re entering the unknown.

The Moment

You only live life once. Now is not the time to play it safe.

The next 5 years is your window. You must take that window.

You’re in your 20’s. This moment is not here for you to do what others want you to do. Not what your parents want you to do, not your Grandma. Now is not the time to settle down, get married, and have kids. Life hasn’t taken off with all your dreams … yet.

Now is the time for you to go after the life you want. Now is the time to take enormous risks.

Right now. This is the time for you to understand what’s going on. This is the time to see what it takes to make you who you are for the rest of your life. It’s time to make it or break it.

Don’t Get A Job

Forget everything you did before. Everything was easy. School was a snap.

The world is hard. Maybe you have student debt. Maybe you have expectations from your family to go land the first job out there so you can start making a bunch of money.

These are short-lived payoffs. Why do you really need all that money? To buy a house, a new car, or an iPhone?

You want it all. But … what do you really want?

Yes, the world is hard and compares to nothing you did before. But here’s the deal, now is the all-time best point of your life. It’s also the least complicated time of your life. Why? Because you don’t have anything weighing you down. No baggage. No barriers. No burdens.

This is the time to live off fast food. This is the time to live with 4 roommates in a shitty apartment. Don’t get the “right job”. Start your business. Join a band. Work at night. This is when you hustle and grind at the highest level.

What you need to do is go out, see the world, and learn. If you don’t find what you want, someone else will.

The world is exactly as it is, yet different everyday. It’s not what your parents said it would be. Your student loans aren’t going anywhere.

In 10, 15 years, you can’t just wake up and let it all go. Later, is not now.

You have a million things on the ground that can grab you. Take a risk, and make your life what you want it to be.