Outsourcing significant components of your creative projects can yield benefits in many ways. If you are a start-up, this will allow you to swiftly assemble a diverse team of deeply experienced people who have the specifics skills and talents you need today. This is a wildly more efficient way to spend precious startup capital than on-boarding full-time employees and trying to create a “culture”. You need specific deliverables completed to move the entire enterprise forward.

The kind of team building you really want is accomplished when your vision is brought to life by a diverse group of creatives all applying their passions and talents. Freelancers are not worried about office politics or climbing the career ladder for a new title. They will offer you the much needed outside perspective that can help you avoid stagnation of solutions and ideas. They will also have no fear of telling you if some part of your plan or design is not cohesive with your vision.

To insure you are hiring the right freelancer also read our recent blog post about Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Freelance Designer.

The 3 Reasons Business Owners Love Designity for Outsourcing Their Design Needs

1. A community of quality, local creatives.

Discover local creatives representing a diverse range of talent, experience, and skillsets, quickly and affordably. Whether a web design project, branding for a new product, or a social media promotional campaign, Designity provides you with the required tools, resources, and processes to bring your ideas to life.

Engage with either an aspiring design student eager to apply their passion or an experienced professional freelancer with a proven track record of beautiful results. All in one inspired community passionate about creating leading edge design. They might even be in your part of town if you need someone local.

2. Collaboration and transparency during the design process.

Review portfolios and interact with creatives directly to engage with your ideal candidate before hiring. Receive a custom contract via the Designity platform for each project to define terms and deliverables. Collaborate with your designers on projects through your dashboard to manage the entire process. Receive designs, provide feedback, and release payments.

Additionally, Designity provides oversight and dispute resolution to assure that clients and designers both achieve positive outcomes every time.

3. A secure payment system with guaranteed results.

You will provide your creative with a 30% deposit to give them confidence and enthusiasm to put forward their best work. A milestone payment of the next 30% will keep momentum and collaboration behind your project. The final payment of 40% will be released after you receive your design files and approve the project.

If you are not satisfied with your design at any stage of the design process you can open a dispute and our team will mediate a solution including an option to refund any payments made.

Check out Designity.com to learn more and start your project. Build your all-star design team today. You have nothing to lose.