Creatives tend to be unique individuals that move to the beat of their own drum. Many end up becoming freelancers because of the freedom it offers them to fully express their inspiration. There are unique challenges creative freelancers face to advance their professional career. We created Designity with all of this in mind.

The 3 Reasons Why Designity is the Superior Platform for Creative Freelancers

1. We are a bottom-up exclusive community - not a marketplace.

Designity was built by creatives for creatives. This is a place for you to commune with designers who share the same interests and passions. You can share your gifts and talents while being exposed to the unique perspectives of other experienced designers. Inspire and be inspired.

We are a community that supports and celebrates everyone for what they have to share and offer. This means that you can give and receive feedback and advice. Design students and newer freelancers can benefit from the wisdom and experience of seasoned professionals. We are all here together as designers to advance the cause of our careers creating beautiful design.

2. A professional freelancing model - not a crowdsourcing model.

Your talents are respected and you will get paid for your time and energy as a design professional. We do not promote any pro bono or competition-based services on our platform. We carefully screen all opportunities posted to insure that they give our creatives access to projects that value quality professional design.

There are too many sites that are a race to the bottom to get a project done at the lowest possible price. Most of the jobs on these sites treat design work like a commodity. We created the Designity platform so that you no longer have to waste your time sorting through hundreds of poor opportunities in the hopes of finding one quality project. We give you opportunities that respect and value your work and will allow you to grow as a professional freelancer.

3. A transparent and secure process - not a high-commission transaction.

Every project starts with a custom contract to clarify all of the deliverables and details. You and your client will have clear communication and expectations from the beginning and throughout the entire process utilizing your dashboard on the Designity platform. These tools set the table for effective collaboration and a successful outcome for all parties.

Payments are handled in a straightforward manner. You will receive a 30% deposit to your account when the contract is accepted. Additional funds are credited during the project once certain milestones are met. The last 40% of the project payment is then released to you upon completion and approval of the project. Designity only charges a flat 8% commission. This allows us to continue to invest in the platform and grow and enhance the Designity community for everyone.

Come see more of what the Designity community has to offer you by creating a profile. Your individual talents and perspectives are what makes Designity a unique and inspiring place to collaborate with like-minded creatives.