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How Designity works?

A team of local designers and art directors match to your project and collaborate to meet your design needs. Designity experts review the matched profiles and pick the right one for you, or you can pick your favorite candidates to start the project. You can communicate your feedback during the process and when you’re 100% satisfied, you review the team and close the project.

How is the pricing on Designity?

Our pricing is very competitive for the professional quality design service your get. You can use our pricing package or put in your own budget. You pay 30% of the budget to start the project and we will refund you in full if you’re not satisfied with the result. Compare our price with other competitors.

What type of design services do we offer?

We cover all type of design services. Web design, promotional video, branding identity pack, pitch deck, and more. Check out our Categories Page for a complete list.