Collaborative Model and Intuitive Process

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How Designity Works?

Match-making SystemUpon posting a brief, Designity matches the projects to qualified candidates. According to the selected pricing package our system connects projects, either to design students who are looking to gain real-world experience or to professionals designers who are leading the design industry.

Evaluation ProcessBusiness owners and creatives review each other's profile in Designity. Both sides have the opportunity to learn more about each other before they start the collaboration, by checking previous projects, reviews. They can and even message and video call for further conversations.

Collaboration toolsThe designer and client securely work on the project via the Designity dashboard. Submit design sketches, provide feedback, process payments and ultimately review one each other to build their Designity reputation. They can always rely on Designity if they need any additional support during the process.

How Designity Benefits

Expert Designers

Successful companies outsource their design projects on Designity. You can earn extra money either by completing projects yourself or by mentoring junior designers to complete them.

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Business Owners

Designers and art directors collaborate on Designity to meet your exact design needs. You will communicate your feedback in your dashboard and observe the evolution of an intelligent design.

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Junior Designers

Art directors offer you to collaborate on design projects on Designity. As you complete projects you will make connections with companies, learn from art directors, and improve your portfolio.

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