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Refund Policy

Effective Date: July 29, 2016

Designity refund policy is governed the specific terms.

14-days window: If you cancel your project in accordance with these Terms and Conditions prior to the passage of 14 days, you may request a refund for the full purchase price. This Risk Free offer is available one time only to any person or entity.

Note: The 14-day refund request window only applies to Professional Designer package and Emerging Designers package. Junior Designers package is not eligible for refunds.

Status of the project: If you cancel your project after receiving the sketches, wire-frame, design, code or any other related materials, you will be considered for partial to no refund deponds on the stage of the project.

Requesting a refund: Please log in to the Designity account using your Designity credentials and submit a Support Case under the project. If you cannot log in to the Designity, you can submit a Support Case from our Contact Support page.

It takes approximately 10-14 business days for us to process a refund. In addition, once we process a refund, it might take a few days for your bank to make the funds available.

Refund approval: Refund requests will be reviewed against our cancellation policy for your plan type and to ensure the request was made within 14 days of your project start date. Refunds may not be provided if the request is outside 14 days of your project posted date.