Frank McClung

Institution: United States Air Force Academy

Major: East Asian Studies with a Minor in Chinese (Mandarin)

Degree: BS (Bachelor of Science)

Graduation Date: 1993

Company Name: Drawing on the Promises (dotp)

Company Industry: Advertising

Company Description: We see design as a way to solve problems, connect people and communicate ideas. We are very good at helping organizations define their brand position, clarify their communication goals, gain insight into their competition and create effective design that knock people’s socks off.

Company Location: Tennessee, United States

It starts with an impossible idea, an insightful observation, a surprising business opportunity. Then you have questions: How do we craft a brand strategy to guide our customer experience? Do our digital and print communications effectively express our vision and connect with our clients? How do we reach people on mobile devices? How much will it cost to execute our idea? How long will it take?

That’s where we begin. I will study the problem, assess the opportunities, understand your organization and apply our expertise to your unique challenge. We will work together to clarify your project vision, scope, and requirements. I will make design relevant and effective for your business.

Expertise: design strategy, brand building, visual articulation, small business website design, identity design.