Customer Motivators Company Website, Logo & Rebranding

By: Frank McClung

Completed: 2015


It’s hard to get people to do what they don’t want to do and like it. That’s where Customer Motivators comes in. They’re a promotional company that provides rewards like gift cards, magazine subscriptions and promotional items to affirm, change or modify consumer behavior. They’re one of the largest players this promotional space and their list of Fortune 1000 clients are to die for. Unfortunately, Customer Motivators’ website was outdated and not mobile friendly. That’s where we came in. Working with Customer Motivators CEO, Jim Cashion, we designed a new brand strategy and identity to effectively communicate the company’s unique strengths to their prestigious client base. We created a new logo, simplified the amount information presented, and redesigned their website to make it viewable on any device. Now Customer Motivators’ clients have a clear picture who Customer Motivators is, what they do and how successful they have been. dotp’s part: research, brand strategy, logo design, website design, information architecture, website development, WordPress integration, copy writing, design consulting

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