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Our economy is rapidly moving towards freelancing. Designity is a trusted community for savvy business owners and local freelance designers to collaborate on design projects online. Professional designers and design students from top design universities collaborate on Designity to create intelligent, beautiful design for businesses.

How Designity Benefits

Professional Designers

Successful companies outsource their design projects on Designity. You can earn extra money either by completing projects yourself or by mentoring junior designers to complete them.

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Business Owners

Designers and art directors collaborate on Designity to meet your exact design needs. You will communicate your feedback in your dashboard and observe the evolution of an intelligent design.

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Junior Designers

Art directors offer you to collaborate on design projects on Designity. As you complete projects you will make connections with companies, learn from art directors, and improve your portfolio.

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Recent Completed Projects

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Recent Launched Projects

Tony Wito

Logo design and branding

We are looking to get a logo design and a brand guideline document done for our company, Domalor. We need to get started with a creative des...

8 days ago
Svenja Dube
New York University

Need a creative person...

Hello Designity creatives :) I need to have a simple website to show my biography, some of the papers I've published, and some other resear...

13 days ago
Jocelyn Midghall
Let's Get Together!

E-commerce Website for...

The Let's Get Together! Parent Expo will launch in May 2017 and we aim to have the site up and going by early January 2017. This website wi...

14 days ago
Keyvan Firouzi
Pocket Rockets, Inc.

Presentation deck for On...

I want to explain to potential clients what we do at OneStep.io www.onestep.io The final deliverable will be a photoshop file which will inc...

22 days ago