Direct Creatives to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Leverage talent from our network of creatives to execute your project ideas for clients.


Manage Projects End-to-End

Bringing ideas to life is your job. Clients come with ideas and the goal is to create projects that’ll bring those ideas into life with timelines and workflow management.


Ensure Five-Star Quality

Your creative team is designed to execute five-star quality on the ideas you set forth. Mentorship and quick decision making are key elements to a seamless design process.


Connect with Clients

Remote collaboration requires video calls and staying in touch on a regular basis. Taking action on client needs and timely deliveries are essential to a positive relationship.

Come as You Are and Direct Where You Go

Service Only The Best

Collaborate with Clients Who Value Your Work

  • Realistic financial and creative expectations set in advance
  • Free of client intervention, proposals, and budget negotiations
  • Stream of clients brought to you to allow you to focus on creativity
Customize your creative execution

Build Your Team From a Network of Vetted Talent

  • Network of endless design and marketing areas of expertise
  • Each vetted through a strict series of talent screenings
  • Exclusively handpicked to work under your creative direction
Your talent is priceless

Maximize Your Worth with Predictable Income

  • Hands-free of client invoices and project contracts
  • Formularized income from prepaid secure monthly plans
  • Boost earnings with the ability to control client volume
Get ahead of the crowd

Fuel Your Power with Access to Exclusive Resources

  • Advanced feedback, presentation, and collaborative tools
  • Crafted procedures for an efficient multi-project workflow
  • Up-to-date resources to stay abreast of the latest trends

Join the Creative Revolution

Getting Started is Easy


Apply to the Future

Experience the future of work from the start by filling out our unique application. Opportunities to show up on video will give you the chance to speak on your passion.


Showcase Your Qualifications

Our creative directors are just as talented as project managers as they are in their craft. You’ll show us your management style and how diverse your skillset is.


Get Onboarded

Everything you’ll need to know about getting started with clients will be found in our onboarding. You’ll have everything you need to build and maintain a positive relationship.


Designity is a design tech startup backed by Audible! The first virtual design platform that allows U.S-Based creatives to team up and collaborate on design and marketing projects. Through Designity’s unique subscription model you can have a stable income, yet enjoy the perks of being a freelancer. In our fifth year we continue to experience tremendous growth, and are always actively looking for new creative talent to join our team!

As a Creative Director you will be responsible for fostering good relationships with our clients, and acting as the creative backbone for all projects we are undertaking. Through Designity’s unique subscription model you can have a stable income, yet enjoy the perks of being a freelancer. You can take as many projects as you want and never have to worry about payments, contracts, and proposals.You don't even need to complete any of the designs yourself, as you will be supervising our designers from our verified network to do the job for you. You will have the opportunity to work with different levels of designers from students to senior designers based on the complexity of the project.

Designity has a streamlined and effective process to hire and onboard new creative directors. The general process includes you taking the initial self-evaluation, passing a timed quiz based on your expertise, and completing a test project with our current creative director. The entire process normally takes about 2-3 weeks. Assuming you successfully pass all the aforementioned steps, we will officially welcome you to the Designity team.

By working with Designity, you’ll be part of something much bigger than being a Creative Director. You’ll be part of the first virtual design agency in the world. Of course, you can enjoy all the perks of being a freelancer, and yet make a stable monthly income through our subscription model. And most importantly, you don’t do the project's yourself, you don’t have to find the clients yourself, you don’t have to pitch the clients either. They will have signed up with us and you’ll be predominantly supervising other designers to execute on projects.

The ideal Creative Director is a hybrid between a visual designer and project manager with a passion for guiding others. We work on projects across many different categories; from marketing collateral to video animations, website and app design, and full product development. As a Creative Director at Designity you need to know the general process for all type of design categories and you need to be specialized in at least 3 design categories so that we are able to match you with clients effectively.

Think of the quiz as a virtual interview which will contain a mix of multiple choice, written, and video questions to probe the Design skills you put forward in your self evaluation as well as your creative project management and people skills. The quiz is timeboxed within the one hour that you have booked into. Evaluating creative skill sets is complicated and requires analysis of many different components, from your portfolio of work to expert knowledge in your Design field. Through many years of onboarding Creative Directors we have found that giving you the opportunity to talk through your passion areas, and display your knowledge across multiple facets best allows us to evaluate your expertise.

Based on our agreement clients understand that they can only expect our Creative Directors to work on one project at a time, so there will not be overlapping projects occurring at once. However, if they want to complete multiple projects at times there are additional add on packages to add more Designers - which would ultimately benefit the Creative Director financially.There is no limit on the number of revisions since clients pay us on a monthly basis. You can keep accepting their revision request as much as they are an active client with us and pay their monthly fee.

1. Managing the project from brief to finish - this includes:
Establishing and managing timelines and milestones
Setting and communicating budgets
Organizing files and folders
Creating project briefs and managing workflows

2. Guiding creatives to ensure the quality of the outcomes - this includes:
Being the decision maker, mentor and sometimes teacher
Having advanced visual design skills and being able to apply them to different design areas and industries
Having a deep understanding and passion for the design process
Having a lot of love for the detail
Being able to clearly communicate design needs and providing enough inspiration for the designers to create the designs according to your guidance

3. Conversing with clients and managing their expectations - this includes:
Listening to and understanding client needs and interpreting them into actionable outcomes
Communicating workflow and design processes
Meeting deadlines and ensuring deliverables
Conducting video calls and sending regular updates
Providing design guidance and recommendations catered to the clients needs and industries

Based on your availability and the number of clients you are able to take on, you have the opportunity to make between $7,000 and $10,000 per month. There is a ramp up period, as you take on more clients and build relationships. The longer you stay with Designity, the more clients you can have, and naturally your earnings will follow.

We do not pay on an hourly or project basis, instead you get paid a commission based on the monthly subscription value that our clients pay to us. Each monthly subscription can vary in value but they typically range from $3,000-$10,000 per month. As you will provide oversight to the projects rather than completing the work yourself, you will be easily able to manage a number of clients simultaneously.25% to supervise professional designers, 30% to supervise emerging designers, and 30% to supervise student designers. We process payments every 2 weeks through your preferred method (e.g paypal, bank transfer, check).

Before assigning the clients to the creative director we will collect the purchased package upfront and sign an agreement with the client to set the expectations. Our sales team is normally involved in this process to consult the client with the best package. We will then assign the best qualified creative director to the client based on a series of evaluations such as industry knowledge, location, expertise, availability etc.

Once the creative director is assigned we will require the client to submit a questionnaire that answers some fundamental questions regarding their company, their brand style, and ultimately their project details. Once the questionnaire is completed, they will be able to schedule their kickoff call with the creative director.

After the kickoff call, you’ll be putting together a comprehensive project brief and timeline to assign the qualified designer to the project. You’ll be working with the designer to complete the projects according to the timeline and upon completion you will be presenting the work to the client and collecting their feedback.

You’ll be initially joining Designity on a 1099 basis, however there is a path to eventually become a full time or part time W-2 employee and get other benefits such as health insurance and 401k. This will be based on individual performance, availability for projects, length of time working with us, as well as your own preference for the employment relationship. We currently already have a number of Creative Directors who are employed full time with us.

We assign Creative Directors with 7-9 clients at the most, depending on their level of subscription. We have found that is the sweet spot to manage the relationship and projects effectively.

Obviously, student designers and emerging designers require more supervision from your side to meet our standard. They may need more instruction to deliver quality work and meet the deadlines. Regardless of the designer level, you need to make sure that the quality of the work doesn’t change.Due to the different amount of involvement you may have to work with different types of designers we have adjusted the turnaround time as well all your commission structure. For instance, when you work with student designers you have a higher commission and also you will have more time to deliver the project.