Our name has a story.

The design community we bring together exists to produce work we’re proud of, that looks the best, and that performs even better. It just made sense to combine the words “design” and “community” and invent the word designity. With cross collaboration at this level, success was always inevitable.


Founder and CEO, Shahrouz Varshabi working as a taxi driver and freelance graphic designer in Iran.


In order to afford tuition + NYC living costs, Shahrouz starts freelancing on the side, only this time he gives his fellow classmates his client’s projects.

Epic lightbulb moment.


LinkedIn doesn’t like that Shahrouz was inspired by their name, so LinkedIn sues DesignIn. The name was changed to Designity to merge design and community together.

It sounded better anyway.


Designity attracts the interest of Amazon’s Audible investment firm (NVP), who invested into the future of creativity.


COVID-19 strikes and Designity’s bulletproof remote model grows more than ever.

Designity: 1,000 COVID-19: 0


Shahrouz moves to NYC and follows the American dream to advance his skills as a creative by attending Parsons School of Design.


Designity beta 1.0 is born as DesignIn, providing students with real-world projects and opportunities outside of their education.


Creative directors are introduced to the platform to enhance the quality of work. Creatives outside of universities join too.


Gary Vee suggests Designity’s per-project model should transition to monthly plans instead. Shahrouz took the idea and ran.


Designity welcomes new internal team members and major clients like Oracle, Kung Fu Tea, Anaheim Ducks, etc.

Things are

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